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World's first commercial Joomla REST API - Powered by Slim micro-framework - cAPI is an extensible platform for building robust RESTful web services powered by the Joomla CMS.

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News & Editorials

  • cAPI - A JSON REST API for Joomla 3.5

    cAPI - A JSON REST API for Joomla 3.5 Why build a Joomla RESTful API? It's no secret that platform-agnositic web services are taking over the internet and that Read More
  • Navigating the Last Mile

    Navigating the Last Mile No matter how hard we work to resolve conflicts, fight scope-creep and tackle unforeseen obstacles, the "last-mile" of any project Read More
  • Is Joomla Enterprise Ready?

    Is Joomla Enterprise Ready? Can Joomla CMS succeed in an enterprise environment? Yes! That was easy enough, but I suspect most of you want to know why I Read More
  • When Is FOSS Right For Your Enterprise?

    When Is FOSS Right For Your Enterprise? In a Microsoft-dominated IT environment, considering free open-source software will often cause arguments over costs, long term support, security and Read More
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