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cAPI is an extensible platform for building robust RESTful web services powered by the Joomla CMS and Slim PHP micro-framework.




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CAPI Virtuemart Plugin
adsential virtuemart

Virtuemart CAPI Plugin is an extension for Joomla 3.x that provides a complete json api rest solution for Virtuemart 3.x including the latest version of Virtuemart 3.4.

More than 200 web services provided!!!

This plugin exposes almost all the features of Virtuemart allowing access to these through a web service based on different programming languages such as Php, Python, Java, C, C ++, C #, .Net, Javascript, Flash / Flex, IPhone API, Android API, etc:

  • List, modify and create Products.
  • Consult and modify the Stock.
  • Consult and modify prices.
  • List, modify and create Categories.
  • List and modify buyers and sellers.
  • List, modify and create manufacturers.
  • List, modify and create orders.
  • View and change the configuration of the Virtuemart component
  • Make purchases !!!

"This plugin requires the installation of the CAPI component developed by Annatech. Along with the acquisition of our plugin you will receive a surprising discount coupon for the purchase of the CAPI component on which this plugin depends."



Production Ready, Infinitely Extensible, Amazingly Powerful

  • Developers
  • Professional
  • $500
  • yearly
  • Get early access to beta builds and private ticket support for your project. Includes plugin development resources to build your own cAPI extensions.
  • Ready to use in 5 minutes!
  • Granular ACL with API tokens
  • Rate Limits and Auto-Throttle
  • Forum Support
  • Private Service Desk
  • Plugin Development Resources
  • Early Access
  • Not available at this time.
  • Community
  • Core
  • FREE!
  • life-time
  • Everything you need to get your own Joomla REST API service up and running in minutes!
  • Ready to use in 5 minutes!
  • Granular ACL with API tokens
  • Rate Limits and Auto-Throttle
  • Forum Support
  • Select this plan
  • Enterprise
  • $2500*
  • yearly
  • Access custom plugin development and build tools, private ticketing, and testing environments. Learn how to deploy platform-agnostic, highly-available micro-services on distributed architecture.
  • Includes all Core and Professional Resources!
  • Private Service Desk
  • *Support for Up To 10 Team Members
  • Early Access
  • Custom Development
  • Project Consultation
  • Not available at this time.
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