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cAPI Core Joomla API - 3 months #8O56WJCMHA0Q

Code named "Constant API", cAPI is the fantastic result of an effort to mesh the Slim micro-framework with the Joomla Framework / CMS. Once that goal was accomplished, it soon became obvious that just built a Joomla RESTful API was only the beginning! By leveraging Joomla's advanced "pluggable" architecture and robust ACL, cAPI can transform your website into a true middleware service for anything ranging from SQL servers, MongoDB servers and even Microsoft's Active Directory (think of the SSO possibilities!).


Secure access via token, Joomla groups or 3rd party authentication plugins!


Leverage robust Joomla ACL to control access to any add-ons, routes or request-types. 


Take advantage of our growing library of API service routes plugins.


Built-in API rate throttling can be configured globally or an a per-token basis

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