Steve Tsiopanos

Steve Tsiopanos

Family-smitten IT entrepreneur who enjoys running, biking, gadgets, piano & guitar, drawing and coding. Founded Annatech in 2006 and serves as Sr. Manager of Enterprise Solutions at 14 West.

Atlassian Certified Jira AdministratorAtlassian Certified System AdministratorAtlassian Skills Badge: Scaling Jira

Saturday, 04 July 2015 08:59

Joomla CMS

Saturday, 04 July 2015 08:33


Symfony is a set of reusablePHP components and a PHP frameworkfor web projects.

Friday, 03 July 2015 20:31

Sourcetree GIT

SourceTree is a free Mercurial and Git Client for Windows and Mac that provides a graphical interface for your Hg and Git repositories.

Friday, 03 July 2015 20:28


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