Steve Tsiopanos

Steve Tsiopanos

Family-smitten IT entrepreneur who enjoys running, biking, gadgets, piano & guitar, drawing and coding. Founded Annatech in 2006 and serves as Sr. Manager of Enterprise Solutions at 14 West.

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Sunday, 28 December 2008 13:37

The Mobile Office Revolution Has Arrived!

Annatech is gearing up its consulting services to provide a full range of support options for setting up a complete virtual / mobile office environment.

thumb_city_break [converted].jpgThere has never been a better time to virtualize and mobilize your office environement!  Whether you need to take your work on the road or just free yourself from the constraints of your desk, let Annatech help you overcome all the obstacles to fully harnessing the power of the internet, your laptop, your smartphone, your pda and more.

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