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A New Direction For Annatech

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Since it was founded in June of 2006, Annatech has evolved from a company that simply offered home & business computer support, to one that now offers a wide range of website development and consulting services.

While on-site computer & network support services used to be the staple of our business, a rapidly changing economy and a renewed focus on website's and virtualization has changed our business philosophy.

What is the driving factor today in how businesses incorporate new technology?

I would have to say cost.

With so many businesses struggling and others failing, companies accross the country are looking for ways to streamline and reduce their overhead.  As my father always says, being the Greek restaurateur that he is, "It's not how much you sell for, it's how much you buy for that counts".  Broken English aside, the point is that reducing your costs is the only way to ensure greater profits.  As Americans, we often forget that we are not entitled to make more money.

A bad economy may be the perfect way to stimulate growth in emerging technology.

Many of you reading this post may already understand Feeds, Twitter, CMSs, Social Networking, iPhones, Web-based Applications, etc., but it doesn't mean you are in the majority.

Companies that have been unwilling to invest in new ways of doing business may find themselves struggling to catch up with the cost savings (and profit opportunities) that new technologies can provide.  Unfortunately, most business owners don't know how to leverage web-based, mobile, and virtulized solutions to their benefit.

Make the internet work for you.

That is where Annatech wants to step in and lend a helping hand to companies seeking to explore new, more efficient and cost effective solutions to old problems.

We strive to innovate and reinvent the marketplace by leveraging the latest web application and virtualization technology. Our goal is to find high-quality, low-cost solutions that even small businesses can afford.

Changes on the way...

Annatech will transition away from strict computer and network support to a business model that involves website development & consulting, mobile office solutions and virtual appliance development.  Our goal is to integrate these three major areas of technological progress into all-inclusive solutions that even the smallest businesses can afford.

Though we may have yet to see the worst of this economic storm, we look forward to helping our clients become better equipped to survive the challenges ahead.

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