cAPI Core v1.2.8 nearing release.

7 years 3 months ago #99 by steve.tsiopanos
cAPI Core v1.2.8 nearing release. was created by steve.tsiopanos
Work on cAPI v1.2.8 is currently underway!

The main new feature in this release includes a new collection of Tag service routes. It will also open up the ability to assign tags to content from within the existing content api methods.

That Joomla Tag routes will be documented under a new Swagger tag:


This will complement existing Swagger tags like "User", "Content" and "Token".

In related news...

Concurrent development is progressing on a new cAPI LDAP plugin. This may be released in beta version, first, to cAPI subscribers before being marketed as a premium extension to cAPI.

Development is also on-going for a complete K2 REST API, though this turned out to be much more complex than initially anticipated. It should be noted that the goal here is not to just provide methods to retrieve content, categoreis, tags, etc. but to allow *full* CRUD operations on all K2 data.

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