cAPI v1.3.4.4 Released!

6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #198 by steve.tsiopanos
cAPI v1.3.4.4 Released! was created by steve.tsiopanos
Bug fix resolves issues with token creation for current user when not core.admin.

Note to site admins:
You must configure permissions for com_services component to allow at least core.create for groups assigned to (non-Super Admin) members whom you would like to be able to create their own tokens.

Release notes:



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Change Log

cAPI v1.3.4.4 is a bug-fix release.

Increment to version
Update function createTokenServicesRestManage() to allow own-token creation by any registered user, while restriction token creation, on behalf of other users, for requesting accounts which have core.create privilege on com_services.
Update docblock for updateTokenServicesRestManage() to include @throws Exception
Configured createTokenServicesRestManage() to allow token creation for:

Other users if core.admin or if core.manage
If not core.admin, requesting user must have access to all groups of target user ID (when userid is defined)

Affects methods:
POST /token/manage/userid/{userid}
POST /token/manage/

cAPI v1.3.4.3 is a bug-fix release.

Increment to version Change joomlaID to j38
Resolved errors caused by undeclared, nested class objects.
Change minimum permission for GET component/model and GET component/list/all to core.login.admin
TODO: Improve access control check compatibility with various security modes for core and 3rd party extensions.

cAPI v1.3.4.2 was a bug-fix release.

Update version to
Require "Super User" (core.admin) privileges to access complete components list.
Create method GET /component/model to allow retrieving Model class information only. Helps with introspecting third-party Models which may not have known/standard Model methods.
Include modelMethod and modelMethodArguments (json) request parameters to GET /component/model/data to accommodate different Model class getters.
For GET /component/model/data, use call_user_func_array to call designated $modelMethod on $instance object with any number of arguments passed as JSON encoded array $modelMethodArguments.
Include HTML error codes for invalid requests.

cAPI v1.3.4.1 was a bug-fix release.

Remove unnecessary path debug in GET component/list/all response.
Update URL for "Find out more about cAPI" link.
Change $extension->name to $extension->element
Update to version
This release also includes the following:

Improve error trapping for GET component/model/data
Validate getInstance for getComponentModelData
Validate JTable::getInstance input for getComponentTableDataById
Build advanced filtering for getComponentModelData
Implement Joomla ACL per component and individual asset item.
New method getComponentModelData
Complete development on getComponentTableDataById.Include get_class_methods boolean check in URLparameter to allow class methods and associated parameters to be included in the response (requires core.edit for related component).
Update getComponentTableData to getComponentTableDataById.Method will return table data for single ID request.
Create method getComponentTableData
New method getComponentTableFields for returning component fields.
Initial work completed on getComponentListAll. Returns list of all components, along with table and model classes for "site" and "administrator" contexts.
Include Basic Authentication SecurityScheme definition.
Methods to allow Basic Authentication through Authorization header or force HTTP Apache Auth via URL variable basic_auth=true.
Create new class ServicesJoomlaHelpersComponent().
Increment to version 1.3.4.
Previous release:

Remove extraneous tag_link_class parameter Increment cAPI version to 1.3.3 Resolve bug with successful updating of dlid in update_sites table, extra_query field when editing the Download ID parameter in com_services component options.

Updated documentation can be found here:

API Doc and Sandbox
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