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Annatech Launches NEW Linux Virtual Appliance Membership Club! Featured

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We are pleased to announce our new Virtual Appliance subscription service, tailor-made for developers and IT professionals!

Save Time

Let's face it, when tasked with anything from building a LAMP development environment to deploying web servers into a virtual hosting cluster most of us will bend under the weight of first-time setup. While there will always be Vagrant and Chef scripts to stage a simple box, nothing beats the enterprise power of CentOS (or Red Hat, we love you!*) running on VMWare infrastracture (Workstation, Fusion, vSphere, etc.). Join to get instant access to new monthly releases from our growing catolog of custom-built, production-ready, pre-configured Linux virtual machines. Instead of hours and days, get up and running in minutes!**

Save Money

Free Open Source Software allows you to literally turn your time into money and extract maximum value out of existing hosting infrastructure. Beyond the initial savings, freedom from recuring licensing fees means your investment in skill-training and personnel will mulitply over time.

Take Control

If you're going to pay for convenience then make sure you own what you get! We provide community supported open source software that is yours to keep and do with as you please, forever!

Although not necessarily the easist option, building on Linux means prioritizing yourself and employees while freeing budgets so you can work smarter, think big, develop faster and lead the future. 




Choose Your Plan

We offer three subscription plans that best fit the needs of Freelancers, Professional Software Developers and Development Operations Managers & Engineers.

  • Freelancer - Ideal for LAMP-stack developers seeking pre-built local hosting environments.
  • Developer - Ideal for Java / PHP / Python / Ruby developers experienced with coding & testing on Linux.
  • Engineer - Ideal for systems engineers supporting development operations, hosting infrastructure and applications & database servers. 

Subscribe & Log In

Signup and pay directly on our website to gain instant access to a growing collection of Linux servers, workstations, pre-staged web applications and purpose-built virtual appliances. We currently accept credit card payments through our payment processor, Stripe.

Download A Virtual Appliance

Visit our Downloads section to access fully-configured Open Virtualization Format (OVF / OVA) virtual machine template files. Please note that file sizes may range from less than 2GB to 10GB or more, depending on the server build and use-case. No packages are removed for the sole purpose of limiting server size. Engineer club members will find no functional limitation of any features but should exercize care when deploying to production networks.

Install Locally or Deploy to Your Datacenter

Once downloaded, you may open your .ova file in VMware Workstation™, VMware Fusion®, Oracle Virtualbox, or other OVF-compliant hypervisor. DevOps Engineer club members have the addtional benefit of full root access (for staging purposes only, of course) and Linux servers pre-configured with the ability to join Active Directory domains, browse DFS shares, and more!

Start Building Today!


*Although our services are bound to CentOS 5, 6 and 7, almost all the lessons learned on this website may be applied to any Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment matching the major version of the corresponding CentOS server. We urge you to explore Red Hat (commercially licensed software) as a robust and reliable Linux vendor for your most critical application, database and service hosting needs.

**Please note that our virtual machines are distributed as single .OVA files which can be up to 6GB in size. Download times will vary depending on file size and the speed of your internet connection.

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